Own and Invest with confidence knowing you have the right team of Real Estate Lawyers on your side.


A real estate closing on a property is a dream come true! However, most do not realize that closings can be intricate and complex, especially when unexpected surprises come up. Having a Real Estate Lawyer does not only help you make sure you are receiving free and clear of any problems, it will give you peace of mind knowing that you are not alone. Place your trust on DDH Legal, we are dedicated to you every step of the way.


Need to modify your real property or looking to change the use of your real property? DDH is here to help! Title Opinions are often required by municipalities in order to approve construction projects or new designations.  This is a report provided by us, your Real Estate Lawyers, explaining the state of ownership of a property. We review the property records of the county where the property is located and formalize our opinion.  This will report any defects in title; some examples: easements, judgements, liens, deeds of trust, invalid Power of attorneys, Probate issues, or any other unanticipated mistakes in the chain of title.
This is a great way to ensure that the property you are purchasing is properly titled, as it should be.  Speak with us to understand how this can help you further your goals!


Whether you’re refinancing your home or you are an investor who has gone through the process several times, it’s essential to have a Real Estate lawyer that is competent and diligent in its work to ensure you are saving money! We can help you ensure that you take advantage of a lower interest rate that will mean significant savings in the long run!



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